cloudy water

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
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I'm new here
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cloudy water

Postby wambuhl » Sun 01 Jul, 2007 08:20

I have a 16x4 ft intex, about 6000 gallons. I started the season with baqua cil. After two bouts of algae and lots of money spent, I decided to switch to chlorine. The baq was just about gone in my water, and my pool was green and disgusting. The pool place sold me some stuff called X-change and Oxybrite. I used them as directed. Then I shocked with Super Shock, three bags over two days. Still green, but with a brownish hue. Then I found this site. Since then I have been using liquid bleach to bring the chlorine level up to shock . Th pH was high as was the TA, so we bought some stabilizer last night.We put in 2.25 lbs of pH minus in one spot and turned of the filter. Then we started up the filter after about 30 min. THEN, we put some stabilizer (1 lb) in a gym sock and hung it by the intake. We put in 196 oz of liguid chlorine, and ran the filter all night. (We run the filter 24/7 and clean the cartridge filter at least three times a day)
This morning, here are the results:
TH 250
TC 5
FC +10
PH 7.8
TA 120
CYA 30
The water looks a tiny bit better, but is still cloudy. The sock looks empty and a yellowish brown. The filter has been full of a deep golden brown color.
What is the golden brown from?
Do we need to add more stabilizer to the sock or is it in the pool?
Why is the water cloudy?
Should we just continue to add chlorine?
Should we try to lower the TA more?

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