cloudy water

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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cloudy water

Postby etuma5 » Thu 26 Jul, 2007 22:12

I just can't get my chemials in line. My ph is at 7.2 my alkalinty is 150 but when I add muric acid which lowers the alkalinty trying to get it closer to 100 it also lowers ph. I 've been told that my numbers are in line for a 14,000 gallon pool with a heater, but my water is still cloudy.

Looking for answers, I wish for clear water.

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Postby chem geek » Fri 27 Jul, 2007 02:10

You can lower your Total Alkalinity by following the procedure in this post, but your cloudy water may be due to algae. You need to give us your Calcium Hardness number to be sure, but I suspect that with your pH of 7.2 that the problem is algae. Your CYA may be high or your Free Chlorine (FC) may be low. If the FC level wasn't maintained to always be at least 7.5% or more of the CYA level, then you've probably got algae forming and need to shock with unstabilized chlorine right away.

Others can help you from here. I'm about to leave on vacation.

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