I cant get it clear

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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I cant get it clear

Postby golfer » Fri 05 Oct, 2007 16:21


the pool is now crystal clear.... i am very happy..

you asked about the cya.... yes when i first did the test it was before i removed about 2 foot of water trying to clean the bottom..

then i refilled and ,, followed your instructions,, vacuuming again what deposited on the bottom

so i think that the low cya came from lowering and refilling the water..

then i added all the chlorine etc.. and took the water to be tested... and they came up with 71..

once the water started to become clearer the cya has stayed pretty normal..
using my little walmart test kit i got when i first bought my pool..

A taylor kit is the next thing to buy on my list..

i will say raising the chlorine and adding the floc did the trick..

so far every day i go out and look down at the bottom of the pool, i do see alittle more settling to the botttom... 10 minutes of syphoning (vacuuming) into the yard and the bottom looks great..

Like i said earlier.. this stuff is like micro particals.. and the moment my vacuum moves around it , it poofs up into a whitish floating stuff... but slowly but surely it is less and less..

I am going to add more floc this weekend and i do believe that will help settle anything left....

But i am very very happy with the results i have now.. and i think i am becoming a compulsive cleaner ,,and am addicted to having such a crystal clear pool.. and i dont want to see anything settled on the bottom..

But I would like advise for the up coming winter... i dont want the water to get nasty.. this pool is right next to my deck and i dont want to be looking at a nasty pool for months..

so what is your advise to keep it nice thru the winter.??

and again thank you for all your help..

chem geek
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Postby chem geek » Fri 05 Oct, 2007 22:46

Different people do somewhat different procedures for closing, but you've basically got 3 options. One is to maintain a chlorine level through the winter and this is very easy to do since the cold water will use up chlorine very slowly so you'll only have to add it about once or twice a month, if that (depending on how cold the water gets). Another option is to first shock with chlorine, then wait a day, then add a full "algae bloom" dose (per instructions on the package) of PolyQuat 60 and close up for the winter. The third option is to do nothing and let it go and clean up the possible algae bloom in the spring (or add chlorine to the pool before it warms up again since most algae blooms will start in the spring, not in the winter).

Generally speaking, you cover your pool in the winter. This not only keeps out sunlight which helps make the chlorine last longer, but it keeps junk out of the pool as well.

If you pool ices over in the winter, then you need to do other procedures to lower the pool water level below the skimmer, clear the lines cap and fill with anti-freeze, etc., but others can help you out with that better than I as I don't do that procedure where I live (no freezing over).


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