using phos free and my pool is cloudy is there a fix

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using phos free and my pool is cloudy is there a fix

Postby Guest » Mon 15 Oct, 2007 15:00

All of my levels are good and have been i started getting cloudyness about 3 weeks ago. I have used a couple different chemicals to try and clear it up nothing worked until friday i put in the phos free startup chemical and my pool cleared up for 2 days.I did my regular maintnance including phos free and now it is cloudy again. I called leslies and she told me that phos free is kinda milky and it will clear up is this true? If so is there a trick to clear it up?

Daniel mc Daid
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Postby Daniel mc Daid » Mon 14 Jan, 2008 03:30

Firstly no chemical you add to your water is supposed to make it cloudy. Why would you use it to clean your pool if it is cloudy anyway. Secondly i find that these guys in all your stores over there tend to just work there with no real training.
Few thing you can check if you say all your leves are good. Firstly check your circulation in your pumps make sure there is no blocks and that water is passing freely through your pump and into your filter. You do this by checking the pressure guages on your filters if they are not right then you have a flow restriction somewhere and water is not getting filtered at the correct rate. If your pumps are clear and you have a bad reading on your gauges then you will need to back wash your pool. Now dont just give it a normal back wash do it for at least twice as long as normal. Then add a floc and make sure all your levels are correct across the board i.e. PH Free,total and combined chlorined and also make sure your Alkalinity and TDSA reading are all ok.
Any probs get back to me.

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