Lamotte color q pro7

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Lamotte color q pro7

Postby topgun3208 » Sat 01 Mar, 2008 23:01

Hello all, first time poster here. purchased a 24'x15' above ground pool last summer and had good luck I think with the chemicals. I used the insta-chek strips and the colored liquids to adjust my ph, alkalinity etc. the only prob. I had was the difference in the results. I was curious if anyone has used the Lamotte color Q pro7 meter to adjust their chemicals. I done a search and it yielded nothing. thanks for any input.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Lamotte color q pro7

Postby duane575 » Sun 26 Apr, 2009 18:35

I started using my ColorQ pro 7 last summer. It is easy to use and the results were fairly consistant with Taylor k-2006 results. This spring however the results I get from the alkalinity test on the colorQ are significantly different from that of the Taylor kit. Taylor yielded 130 ppm while ColorQ yielded 68 ppm. Not close enough for adjustment purposes. I trust the results from the Taylor titration more. My reagents from both kits are less than a year old.

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