Borax - Chem geek Advice Req.

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Borax - Chem geek Advice Req.

Postby fatybabe » Mon 03 Mar, 2008 09:18

I would like to consult your extensive knowledge on Borax a swimming pool application and would gladly like to know yr comments as such.

Borax has water softening effects that i udnerstand however can:

(1) Use as a scale inhibitor ?
(2) Control scale deposits in boiler/heater where precipitation raises hardness levels?
(3) What dosages would i be looking at for 10,000 gallons of pool water
and how often will i be looking to apply?
(4) What are the otehr uses of Borax in a pool app?
(5) So to speak does it aid in maintaing - water clarity?

Further I have been to Simplicity website by Biolab and found product named Maximizer with pH of 5.3 ingredient known as Boron Salts now are there major differences to 20 Mule Team Borax besides pH?

Most of my knoweldge lies from waste water treatment industry that im in and are looking very much to your insights.

Cheers Alex.

Pool Care Proficient
Pool Care Proficient
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Postby fatybabe » Tue 04 Mar, 2008 00:21

Thank You the details provided has been very informative and would be looking to hear more insights from you with regards to chemistry behind pool management.

The addition of 20 Mule Team Borax as a pH buffer would be time consuming and complicated for your average pool operator and as i suspect Proteam Supreme to be an acidic form of Mule does that mean i could eliminate the addition of an acid like Hydrochloric.

(do correct me if im wrong - and if so can you advise me as to what i can buy preferably something that has a pH of 5 - 6 like Maximizer)

And to what extent does it work well as a pH buffer?

Should i also consider using Borax as an algecide and by maintainin proper halogen levels can i completely replace this from the use of a polyquat as a maintenance product?

Would it also be feasible that i raise the Borates to 100 - 150 ppm and reduce halogen content in water features for algea prevention as a cost cutting measure?

Are there any implications with raising levels too high in water features and can i complete phase out chlorine or an oxidizer as such? Nonethless
is it possible that i raise Borate levels to 100 ppm in a pool setting? are there any associated side effects to doing so?

I udnerstand that Borates have long been marketed as a water softener, what is the chemsitry behind and so to speak if it doesnt combine with calcium.?

Lastly I am looking to cost cut and simplify maintenance procedures with the use of Borates do you think its possible? Probably as a one time additional product per season rather than using all the expensive algecides etc which BioLab and others are marketing..... Would you have any recommedations?

Thank You

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