mudd in pool/Vac

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mudd in pool/Vac

Postby ann » Sat 15 Mar, 2008 13:07

I need to know if Floc will make the stuff drop to the bottom of pool. I noticed there are several kinds of floc. Which one is the best. Also I need to know if Polaris is the better vac for a inground pool. I know they have several kinds but the ones that are on wheel are they better than the Polaris165? I need to buy one this yr but dont want to waste my money like i have in the past.

Please advise.



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Postby muss08 » Sun 16 Mar, 2008 11:36

Yes Floc will help you get small debris in your pool to drop to the bottom so you can vacuum it out. I would go with the polaris 360 or 160. 360 is a bit more expensive but it is a great cleaner. The 160 is good too and cheaper. If you have an old polaris or you know someone who has one you can trade it in and get a sizeable discount from polaris on a new one.

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