posted this in wrong area the first time...

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posted this in wrong area the first time...

Postby justneedsomehelp » Fri 25 Apr, 2008 17:16

Hi all,

New inground pool owner here who is lost and tired. I bought the house with the 22,500 gal inground pool with sand filter in the fall. I open it last week and heres my problems.

Long story short, been thru the shocking, been thru the stabalizer, had to reshock (due to no stab), vacumed many times, kept chlorine levels u to 8-10 for first week or so.

Finally the water turns a real nice blue, smells like a pool, etc. However I cannot get the cloudy appearence out of it, tried some clarifyer (from walmart....) no luck, kept messing with it and finally gave up, took a samle to the local pool store and they said my alk level was too low, gave me 30 dollors worth of stuff to put in and said keep the other levels where they are and this should do it.

Im now 2 days later and Im still cloudy, I do have visibility down to almost 4 feet but nothing more, very little if any change in clarity over the past 4 days or so. Now before I go back over to the pool place with my water sample and spend another 25-50 bucks I figured I try this place out. Below are my test results as of 1 minute ago.

CL 3
BR 4
PH 7.2
ALK 120 (TA)
Hardness 150
CVA 60

I back flush prob every two days in the evening till the glass is clear. What am I missing? ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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