Cloudy water, filter PSI, too frequently backwashing

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Cloudy water, filter PSI, too frequently backwashing

Postby MSWETWILLIE » Sat 26 Apr, 2008 15:08

Okay here are the facts:

* Owned inground pool 36.5 X 17.5 7ft Deep 4 Ft shallow end, for 15 years
* New liner in early 2007. no problems all summer.
* Left cover off pool all winter. It was a mild one. I live in Southern VA.
* Didn't even clean DE filter - left it all winter
* This year in early April, poored slab lifting filter and pump 3 inches.
* reworked pluming, all seems tight.
* Added shock and algeside in Mid April and started filter
* Filter went form 10 PSI to 20 PSI in exaclt one hour. 10 PSI means BW!
* BackWashed filter no problem. Added 6 LBS of DE. Exactly 1 HR later 20PSI
* Now - 100 LBS of DE later filter goes from 10PSI to 20PSI in exactly 1 Hour.
* Put in 6 LBS Aluminum Sulfate. Water turns extremely cloudy!
* Everything is suppose to drop to the bottom but never does
* Relplaced 3 ripped filter grids.
* Filter runs at 10 PSI for one hour than hits 20PSI - time to Backwash.
* tried not backwashing. Let pump sit idle for 15 Minutes.
* start pump again and it sits at 10PSI for one hour. Then shoots to 20 PSI
* tuned it off again. Restarted after 10 minutes, starts out at 10PSI - runs for an hour before hitting 20 PSI.
* all this and no improvement in water. Flow looks good when pump is running. No leaks. A little bit of air getting in from somewhere. I suspect I need a pump basket lid gasket..... H E L P!!!!

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Postby mr_clean » Sat 26 Apr, 2008 16:38

when replacing bad grids, how did filter look on the inside? full of DE buildup? I assume when changing your grids you cleaned all the grids & the inside of your filter?
was your pool green full of algae? or is it just cloudy?

normally a cleaned filter only goes up fast if the pool looks like a green swamp filled with algae or the plumbing is incorrect & the grids do not have DE on the outside of them but on the inside.

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