Oak Pollen

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Brad Constant

Oak Pollen

Postby Brad Constant » Sat 10 May, 2008 08:37

My oak pollen is terrible and i am losing my mind on trying to get rid of it. Everything i do , clean filers daily , refresh water , and chemicals but nothing is working.

chem geek
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Postby chem geek » Sat 10 May, 2008 13:47

Other than getting a pool cover, I'm not sure what to suggest. A skimmer sock will help collect the material so that not as much gets into your filter, but you still need to remove what gets into your pool. I have an opaque electric safety cover and I'll tell you that it keeps my pool much, much cleaner, though I still need to brush off the top to get rid of all the cedar needles and other flower petals and items that get blown onto it (I clean it off so as not to build up junk in the "vault" where the cover is stored -- that's a real pain to clean so I only do that once a year). Because my pool stays clean, I only have to clean my over-sized cartridge filter once a year. I'm pretty lazy so having easy pool maintenance is important for me.

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