Cloudy Water

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Cloudy Water

Postby TBK715 » Sat 17 May, 2008 21:46

We leave our pool open year round. We're trying to clear up the cloudy water. The clorine level is fine and the stick I use says the ph is fine but when I use my test kit the PH reads below 6.8. I added 6 lbs of PH up today. Not sure if I should add more to try and clear the water? The pool store I went to said I need to add algaecide but adjust the ph first.
What should I do and how much ph up should I add our pool is 25,000 gallons.

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Postby muss08 » Sat 17 May, 2008 23:39

What test kit are you using? I would recommend the taylor k 2006; To figure out the cloudy water problem I need a complete listing of your chemistry prefferably tested by you with a reliable test kit. FC, TA, pH, CH, CYA. Yes pH needs to get to 7.2-7.6 but before you add pH up what is your TA? pH up will make your TA increase. If you TA is good 80-100 ppm then you need to aerate your water to increase the pH. Low pH wouldnt make you water cloudy and algaecide wouldnt help much either. Once you pH is in line I would recommend keeping your pool at shock level until the level holds overnight. This will ensure any organics are dead then its up to the filter. To figure out your shock level i need to know your CYA.
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