I'm taking the plunge into this cloudy pool water conversati

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I'm taking the plunge into this cloudy pool water conversati

Postby Grimmpool » Mon 19 May, 2008 08:23

My name is Kim. And I have blue cloudy pool water.

I have no idea what to do. Here's what we did. Shocked, algaekilled, balanced the PH and clarified. We have not added chlorine yet (I don't know why I am listening to my husband on this one). We are first time pooliest so it's the blind leading the blind really. We have SWIMMED in pools, so we're fairly certain it's not supposed to be that color.

Any help would be great.


Postby Guest » Mon 19 May, 2008 11:47

In order to answer your question you really need to post complete test results of water testing. This would include Free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, hardness and CYA (conditioner level).

The results of one of these often determine your course of action for the others.
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Postby muss08 » Mon 19 May, 2008 20:47

If you shocked the pool then you added chlorine. Get your pH to around 7.2 and keep your pool at shock level. cant tell you what shock level is without knowing your chemistry.
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