cloudy with air problem

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cloudy with air problem

Postby Poolshark » Mon 12 Jan, 2009 19:09

I cleaned the grids on my DE filter and cleaned all teh baskets out, then (before turning the pump back on) added about 3 quarts of DE to my skimmer. All of this is an estimate because there is no information about the sq ft of my filter on the tank and cant find and info on the net.

I have a PENTAIR NAUTILUS FNS filter and my pool is about 9X24 (a lap pool with six feet at the deep end)

My problem is that when i added the DE, it started showing up coming through the main drains at the bottom of the pool. Then when I turned the pump on, it reached 10 psi but would hold there and keept dipping as if having a problem priming. I could also see air buddles coming from one of the return eyes in the pool.

I added more water to make sure it wasn't sucking air into the skimmer.

1. got any idea where the air is coming from?
2. how to get the pool clear from the DE reside ue that slipped into the pool????

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Postby lonestar » Wed 28 Jan, 2009 12:11

Its possible that the DE clogged one of the lines. I havent seen this personally. In the future only add DE when the pump is running and add it slowly. I add approx 1 pound of DE a minute into the skimmer by just shaking it slowly out of the measuring cup.

How tall is the tank on your DE filter? You can compare this to some technical data at Hayward online or compare it at a pool store to a size of filter and get a good idea of how much DE to add.

If your pool is running fine now, I would turn it off and wait for the DE to settle to the bottom. Then vacuum the DE to the filter.


Cloudy with air problem

Postby Guest » Tue 07 Apr, 2009 02:58

My neighbor had a similar complaint. Did you ever solve this?

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