Cloudy Pool Water

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.

Cloudy Pool Water

Postby Frustrated09 » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 11:16

We went on vacation and came back to a green pool, within a mater of two days it was a swamp!!! I killed everything and think I cleaned it pretty well, and now it has been cloudy for the past two days. I put a ton of chlorine and algacide in the water.

FC: 10
TC: 10
Ph: 7.4
CH: 75
CYA: 100
Our pool is a soft sided pool 19ft by 9ft, the filter is a doughboy powerpak II. One thing I noticed was in the powerpakII there is a plastic basket... not really a filter....


Cloudy Pool Water

Postby lpark » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 11:42

Your CYA acid count is a little high which will reduce the effectiveness of your chlorine. Also your ALK should be between 80-120ppm. You can bring that down with a little acid which will lower your ph and make your chlorine mor effective. Please explain more about your filter.


Cloudy Pool Water

Postby Guest » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 14:06

I took the filter apart to see if anything was trapped in it, and it just looks like a plastic basket, I am not sure what is supposed to look like. This is our first pool and we bought the filter stuff second hand.

Cloudy Pool Water

Postby Frustrated09 » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 21:56

Is there anything else I can do about the clarity? Its really driving me nuts!!!!
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Cloudy Pool Water

Postby redboy » Fri 12 Jun, 2009 18:07

Is it a sand or de filter?
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Cloudy Pool Water

Postby Bjorn » Sat 13 Jun, 2009 19:07

try to reduce the pH to 6.8 and then chockklorer...? :problem: :problem:

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