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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: I have a small hydrotherapy pool 6m x 5m x 1.2m (deep) that I have run for 8 years and just started overseeing a team with a 25m x 11m x (1m-3m deep) pool


Postby Stunnn » Fri 18 Feb, 2022 08:55

Hi All,

I joined a SEN School with a 6m x 5m x 1.2m deep Hydopool 8+ years ago, run by the site team.
I eventially did my PPO in July '19 and have changed the way we run so that it's safer and we understand how it works a lot better now.
(Not that we haven't had problems, like anywhere).
We have a good "Close the pool if we arn't happy" policy and run PH 7.2 - 7.4, CL 3ppm (high, but have SEN students with medical grade needs). We close PH <7, >8 and CL <1, >4.

I have recently been "promoted"/ restructured :shock: and given eleven schools, one of which has a 25m x 11m x (1m-3m deep) pool that's 12+ years old..

My main job is making sure that all the eleven schools open and are safe (He says writing this during the 18th Feb '22 storm with trees and the odd single skin wall falling down)

It'll be good to keep in with my knowledge with you all.

Speak soon,


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Pool Industry Leader
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Re: Hi

Postby Teapot1 » Fri 18 Feb, 2022 14:43

Hi Stuart, yes keep us up to date with your developments.
I may not give you the answer you want to hear, but I will give an honest opinion of your situation as you decribe it.

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