Dirt in the Grout which the vacuum will not remove

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: My pool is an 8m x 4m and is an average of 1.4m deep. It is a fresh water pool and has the normal sand filter, pump etc for a pool of it's size.
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Dirt in the Grout which the vacuum will not remove

Postby ianlodekka » Sun 07 Nov, 2010 10:23

Can some one help please? I have an 8m x 4m pool (fresh water) which has an average depth of 1.3m. The pool has been in operation for only two years. It was shocked treated in July because of another problem which is now ok. The problem I have now is that the grout in the tiles is dirty and the brush or vacuum will not clear. The only way to clean the grout is by using the brush side ways which is not only dificult but as I have severe back problems very hard work and sometimes impossible to reach also dificult to get to every part of the pool. The pump, filter etc are standard for this type of pool and is made by Astra.


Dirt in the Grout which the vacuum will not remove

Postby Eden » Fri 05 Oct, 2012 04:01

I really would like to know the answer to this too.

My pool was sparkling clean - only needed some sweeping/vacuuming once a week.

Now it seems some dust spots have settled on the bottom under water in between the tiles (on the grout).

Pool is 4x8 meters avg 1.5m deep. The dust mostly can be removed using a steel brush but it takes a very long time. All values are ok and have been for years (Ph Chlorine and anti algae).

There are now still a few persistent patches of dust on the grout on the bottom which do not come off -

Is there any chemical that can be used without draining the pool entirely?

What about an acid shock to the water would that help?

This is really frustrating - thanks in advance for your help.

Dirt in the Grout which the vacuum will not remove

Postby Eden » Tue 09 Oct, 2012 12:09

I found the solution!!

I treated the bottom of the pool with some 500 grams of Chloride Shock grains with the pump off and left it overnight. I "aimed" the grains of chlorine at the spots and threw them in - covering the bottom with the grains of chlorine.

The pump was left off overnight so it would sit and in the morning the spots were GONE - woohoo.

Now the chlorine level is too high obviously (about 9-10 ppm) but this does not matter and will straigten itself out over the next few weeks.

The product I used is called Chlorine Choque and comes in 500 grams containers it looks like sea salt.

Hope all you others having the same problem can use this!!!

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