Intelliflo VS versus Intelliflo VF

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Intelliflo VS pump
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Intelliflo VS versus Intelliflo VF

Postby slymayne » Fri 29 Jul, 2011 02:21

I have a 35,000 litre pool.

Specs are:
Chemigen DM5S
Intellicom Communication Center
Waterco S702 filter
Polaris Jet Cleaner
Viron 250mj gas heater
Intelliflo VS pump

My objective is to maximise energy efficiency and be able to be able program the filter, cleaner & pump to operate for the minimum time required (winter vs summer) and at the optimum times of day to benefit from leveraging off peak energy loading.

Pentair originally installed an Intellifo VF, then there was some problem so they changed it out to an Intellifo VS. From reading the VS & VF manuals it looks like the VS does not have the ability to automatically calculate and program the minimum flow requirements and self-adjusts to maintain optimal flow rates.

Should I be objecting to the downgrade of model based on my stated objective?

Are there any other features that I am going to miss on the VF, as my skills in pool management improve?


Pool Enthusiast
Pool Enthusiast
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Intelliflo VS versus Intelliflo VF

Postby preeti22 » Fri 26 Oct, 2012 07:48

i think IF3201100-VF is the model which have a controls that can also be linked to iphone or ipad for controlling your pool while away. and it is best feature for managing your pool pump from outside.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Intelliflo VS versus Intelliflo VF

Postby H2O » Wed 31 Oct, 2012 03:45

Not up to date on the Pentair efficient pumps but if you paid for a model that is better than the one recently installed I would be requesting a refund or demanding they re-install the one you paid for.
TSH Tech

Intelliflo VS versus Intelliflo VF

Postby TSH Tech » Tue 20 Nov, 2012 03:07

I loath explaining these two pumps to customers. The original post is fairly old, but if I make this entry for anyone wondering what is the difference between the Pentair VF and the VS

Pentair VF
This is a highly technical pool pump geared for the knowledgeable poor technician where swimming pool flow rates are of the utmost concern. If you hated Algebra in school, then you may not have a fond relationship with this pool pump. The onboard computer enables the user to enter the pool capacity, where the computer calculates how much flow is needed for pool water turnovers. The emphasis is on flow rates, so the pump will automatically swing the pump speed up or down to achieve the set flow rate. This pump will still enable energy savings, but as it fluctuates speeds up and down during its automatic monitoring, the difference in cost is miniscule. It also monitors filter pressures, when the filter becomes dirty, the flow becomes less and the pump throws a warning alert, kicks down the flow rate until the filter is cleaned. This has advantages and disadvantages; advantage being, a slow flow rate in a dirty DE or cartridge filter won't crush the filter media, reduce wear and tear. Disadvantage being, if you don't clean that filter soon, that pool will turn cloudy, then green on you quickly in the summer season.

Pentair VS
This is just your simple variable speed pump, where pump speed in relation to energy savings are of the utmost concern. Unlike it's VF brother, the VS is just focused on pump speeds for energy efficiency and simplicity of programming.

Both pumps are energy efficient, the VS offers a few more safety features such as built-in anti-entrapment safety and probably the most user friendly for the average homeowner.
The VF is a geek's paradise with it's programmable flow rates, gallons per minute readings and settings.

Answering the original posters question; in my professional opinion, you received the better advantage with the VS with it's added safety features.

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