Water level drops significantly

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Water level drops significantly

Postby patchesblur » Sat 29 Jun, 2013 12:30

I know when it's hot there is a lot of evaporation of water, but this year seems to be much worse - water level dropping between 2-3 inches a day - so I have to fill it every day - does this sound like excessive - what do you recommend I check - I have not messed with any of the valves at all and I backwash at least once a week... thanks for suggestions

TSH Tech

Water level drops significantly

Postby TSH Tech » Sun 30 Jun, 2013 02:48

Water level drops can be a pain in the you-know-what, especially if you live in a town that has uber strickt water district 'nazis'.

It's best to start out with the basic bucket test to see if it is indeed an unusual amount of evaporation or a leak that has developed.

(not endorsing this site, but they have one of the easy to follow help pages)
http://www.americanleakdetection.com/ti ... t-test.php

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