Auto fill sounds like a dolphin!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Auto fill sounds like a dolphin!

Postby Sbooth77 » Mon 19 Aug, 2013 02:37

Hi all

We moved into a house with a pool around 6 years ago having never owned a pool before.

It's been one issue after another (new boiler only lasted 2 years, new pump only lasted two years, can't keep chlorine levels up etc etc) not sure if we have been unlucky or if our pool guy is just not very good!

Anyway this months issue is a new auto fill we had installed two months ago during a pool renovation has suddenly started to make what can only be described as a dolphin noise (this noise is different to the hissing of the water filling) its quite loud and very annoying especially at night.

Has anyone encountered this before or have any idea what may be causing it?


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