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Postby Deez » Tue 17 Sep, 2013 16:11

Pump is broken and new pump is a 7 day wait, and above ground pool is getting mosquito larvae!
What can I do while waiting for pump? Thanks so much! :cry:

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Swimming Pool Pro
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Postby CGPoolman » Wed 18 Sep, 2013 12:59

7 days for a new pump?? WOW!! :o

Is it some kind of special order pump? Most companies have a local supply (I would think), normally it shouldn't take more than a day or so for someone to get back there with a new unit.

Not much you can do, you can pour chlorine into the pool in the hopes it kills off some larvae but you don't have any means of circulating it once you pour it in. Maybe even use your skimmer net and keep cleaning them off the top of the water if you can.


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