baquacil pool is green please help

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baquacil pool is green please help

Postby ggulick1 » Wed 25 Jul, 2007 10:55

I went out of town for 2 days and came home to a green pool, my pool guy told me to shock and put some algaecide in the pool been brushing and cleaning to waste for 3 days and the water is no better. any ideas would be great. also had the pool water tested 2 days ago and the levels were all good . first time in a year i didnt have buy anything go figure

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baquacil pool is green please help

Postby Backglass » Wed 25 Jul, 2007 11:09

This a recurring theme with Baquacil here and on other forums. Everything is great for a year or two, then strange things start happening. Weird colors, exotic "water mold", etc.

Then they switch to chlorine and everything clears up and they wonder why they didn't do it sooner.
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Baquacil pool is green please help

Postby Guest » Thu 12 Mar, 2009 05:59

We used baquacil for 2 seasons and got fed up with the crappy cloudy green water.
We switched back to chlorine which was NO fun at all and we haven't looked back since.

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baquacil pool is green please help

Postby Wookie the chemist » Fri 14 Aug, 2009 13:34

There are two types of cloudy green pools ...

First, the water itself is green (not just the surface of the liner). This requires lots of floculate which is aluminum oxide which has lots of little molecular fingers and grabs onto anything and everything in the water and it takes about 48 hours to settle to the bottom. Do NOT have the filter or anything else churning up the water after adding the 'floc' There was one year that it took me 3 bottles (usually only requires 1) to finally get everything 'grabbed on to' and settled to the bottom. If the water itself is cloudy green, don't waste money on algicide, oxider. shock or anything as the floc (AlO3) will grab a hold of it too and chemical will be wasted. Keep floc'ing until water is clear (doesn't necessarily mean that the pool liner isn't green (just the water is clear)

Second, if the water is crystal clear (if not follow above directions) then you want to dump in 1 to 2 gallons on oxidizer (27% hydrogen peroxide) yes, hydrogen peroxide is the same stuff you buy at Walgreens to sterilize a wound but that's only 3%, the baquacil is 27% so don't get it on your skin or clothes! In addition to the oxidizer, make sure you dump 2-3 pints of the algicide and that should do it. If not, keep on the oxidizer + algicide and maybe consider putting in your standard amount of sanitizer.

Hope this helps.

baquacil pool is green please help

Postby tommysmommy » Mon 14 Jun, 2010 08:05

We have never had a pool before and when we opened up our inground pool at our "new" home it was GREEN. So called pool guy in local town and he told us how to open it up no charge over phone. We felt we should buy chems from him so took sample of water in and he sold up Bacqucil products (EXPENSIVe) Now we have had chems in pool two days and still green - how can we convert to chlorine???? Someone said we have to drain pool half waydown- I have a 32000 gallon pool, HELP! How long will it be green?? We would like to swim in it some day this summer. LOL Anyone who can help me please email me at
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baquacil pool is green please help

Postby pool girl23 » Sun 26 Aug, 2012 15:11

I work for a pool company... 98% of our pools are on Baquacil and as long as they're doing the chemical maintenance correctly they love it! Green water can be caused by a slew of different factors! Metal in your water, pH being too high, or just chemical imbalance... Make sure to keep your Oxidizer level above 100 parts per million to prevent pink water mold. If you do get pink water mold we've found that shocking it with 2 to 4 1lb bags of non-chlorine shock (preferably Pool Breeze brand) wait 15 to 30 mins.... Then dump 2 full gallons of oxidizer in kills pink water mold pretty quickly. Hope I helped in some way!
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Postby WillieApola » Fri 24 Mar, 2023 02:03

Im about to start this cleaning process. Just filled the pool because it has set up below levels all winter. It was crystal clear during the snow & now, green and slimy. I have used Baquacil in the past.

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