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Rules and etiquette for the Pool Forums.
Use a descriptive subject for a quicker response
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Pool Rules

Postby Larry » Fri 27 Feb, 2009 07:02

No running, no jumping, no diving.

OK, seriously, we request the folllowing when using these public forums:

  • Try to use descriptive titles when posting a new topic. It makes it easier for us because we know what to expect before we read the thread. Compare "Please help" and "I messed up" to "Water level dropped overnight" and "I added too much chlorine - now what?".
  • Try to adhere to English writing standards; i.e. at a minimum use Capital letters at the start of a sentence and break your post into sentences and paragraphs.
  • Avoid profanities. If you feel the need to swear say "#!!?%" or something similar.
  • Refrain from posting adverts or links not directly related to the post in question. That includes things like, "Our company can fix your leak. Call 0800-spammer or visit http://www.example.com". If you wish to partner with us or you want to advertise or promote your site or product on these forums, then contact me to discuss it.
  • Have fun here. Ask your questions, help others with their problems and share your fun-filled pool experiences (as well as the downers) .

Happy swimming

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Pool Rules

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 29 Jun, 2013 04:48

Hi Larry

What's happening to prevent the flood of spam that is clogging up the "New Posts"
When I log on I check "New Posts" and it is virtually full of spam
It's getting to the stage that I can't be bothered to filter through the crap and it could eventually destroy the forum which would be a bad thing as I feel it has been beneficial to countless people around the world
Swimming Pool Pro
Swimming Pool Pro
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Pool Rules

Postby CGPoolman » Sun 30 Jun, 2013 08:30

Agreed. There is a lot of great discussion on here, but being able to find it gets harder and harder! Anything I can do to assist?

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Pool Rules

Postby czechmate » Sat 17 Aug, 2013 20:55

This has been for a several years very helpful site to many pool owners, including me.
Just about a month ago I decided that spam posted junk was too much for me to swallow.
So checking in today, I was pleasantly surprised, that someone through the moderator capacity decided to put this website back in order.

Pool Newbie
Pool Newbie
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Re: Pool Rules

Postby IowaToyotas » Sun 25 Sep, 2016 17:13

I'm trying to post some pictures that are 1.35Mb and i"M unable to post. What is the maximum attachment size?

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