green water

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Use store-bought bleach, baking soda
and borax to replace proprietary pool chemicals.

green water

Postby xsil1111 » Thu 25 May, 2017 09:53

I opened my pool, no problem, except needs vacuumed. Tested the water, ph was high, so I mixed borax with water and dumped in about 1/2 a quart, 1 quart including the water. Next day the water is green. Should I just shock it with bleach and wait till it is clear again? 18x48 intex pool. About 5200 gal.

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Re: green water

Postby Denniswiseman » Thu 25 May, 2017 12:04

Borax will increase pH, If your pH was to high you should have reduced it with Muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) which would have lowered your TA as well which could be raised with bicarbonate of soda
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Re: green water

Postby bryanwalker » Wed 14 Jun, 2017 04:30

OK, Did you tried adding some sequestrant? Maybe it Could be a reaction to metal.

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