Pool Plaster problem

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Use store-bought bleach, baking soda
and borax to replace proprietary pool chemicals.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Plaster problem

Postby CharlotteEhle » Fri 04 Mar, 2016 05:21

Our Backyard pool is not quite old. Few years back, it was re-plastered but now its plaster is chipping out. I want to know what about the ways to make the plaster last longer? Your suggestions are welcomed.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: I am a resident of Ontario. Short course swimming pool which is 25 yardsand 75 feet long. I am very passionate about swimming my husband too. I regularly do the maintenance work for my swimming pool. I also ensure the cleanliness ofmy pool.

Pool Plaster problem

Postby CarolCPalmer » Thu 26 May, 2016 04:13

Hey Charlotte,
I guess the replaster you did was not effective since your pool was not that old. You have every right to question the services who did it. Plaster demolition work isn’t feasible. DIY is quite adventurous else take guidance from swimming pool renovations services like Ferrari Pools. By renovation often they expose the rebar expose a poor chip-out. Remove chip without many gouges. Check for the plaster thickness,having an eye on the hydration for the finishing. Do minimum shotcrete . Also remove plaster immediately under the tile line and around the fittings to prevent future leaking.
Check out for tips on smart renovation works for pools
http://www.poolspanews.com/how-to/desig ... ing-away_o

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