opening my pool after algae

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Use store-bought bleach, baking soda
and borax to replace proprietary pool chemicals.
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opening my pool after algae

Postby isthisme » Sun 07 Aug, 2016 17:17


So summer 2015 bought a Coleman above ground 16ft by 48". We live in Southern Louisiana.. tons of rain... tons.. for days.. electricity went off and so did the pump and we didn't realize it till much too late.. severe algae problem. Could never clear it up. Drained it and left it uncovered all winter. So for the last month we've been working on it on and off.. Got a sump pump, drained it, bailed water and brown/green algae for hours... then scrubbed down sides and bottom. Ok.. today it's almost new looking. I'm refilling it. What do I do to keep the algae away.. cause no doubt there are spores somewhere.. and how do I reopen my pool? I don't want to go through this again. Please help!


Re: opening my pool after algae

Postby kanny » Thu 11 Aug, 2016 12:28

Your algae problem is very common,and must be tackled methodically. Do not use propriety chemicals, because they unsettle your pool chemistry putting you with your back to the wall. Here is how you maintain your pool water:
1. Use calcium hypochlorite(amazon 65%) 2 lb at a time to raise your Cl to 4ppm
2. Use sodium carbonate (soda ash) to raise your pH to 7.5-7.8
3. Use sodium bi carbonate to raise your total alkalinity to 100 (this is done once only, thereafter just test the water monthly for this value) Lower TA if high using muratic acid. Ideally TA is 80 to 120. This will stabalise your pH too.
4. At the beginning you can use 2 lb `pool blue' satchets (home depot) to get rid of your algae.
Never add or mix chemicals on the same day. Do the next step the next day. 1 to 2lbs of gradual addition (for 25000 gals) will work fine. Your pool should be fine in four days.
5. Add calcium chloride if your hardness level is less than 150ppm
You will get dead yellow algae, which can be brushed off every few days (with the pump running on bottom suction).
6. Pool master has a nice vacuum device which can be used with a garden hose.It weighs a few ounces (amazon 10$)
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Re: opening my pool after algae

Postby Denniswiseman » Thu 11 Aug, 2016 12:35

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Re: opening my pool after algae

Postby Justanik » Wed 02 Nov, 2016 09:56

Only constant cleaning of the walls and bottom of the swimming pool with a vacuum cleaner can prevent algae disputes to linger and to take root in the pores of glue between the tiles or on the plastic.
Also, the proper chemical balance and the right kind of filtration system can prevent the appearance of algae. :thumbup:
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Re: opening my pool after algae

Postby raymansmith89 » Tue 21 Mar, 2017 02:08

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Re: opening my pool after algae

Postby aquapro » Wed 26 Apr, 2017 03:44

Denniswiseman wrote:Slam the pool
Follow the instructions exactly

Would agree here, works for me!

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