BBB method for pools

A BBB guide to supermarket poolcare.
Use store-bought bleach, baking soda
and borax to replace proprietary pool chemicals.
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BBB method for pools

Postby chem geek » Thu 06 Aug, 2009 22:00

BBB is an acronym started at The PoolForum for taking charge of your pool and using less expensive grocery store chemicals. It does not mean you always use just those three items. In fact, you don't use the Borax very much at all and infrequently use the baking soda. More commonly, you just use bleach and on occasion a little acid (Muriatic Acid, usually).

For Cyanuric Acid (CYA), you can either add pure CYA (aka stabilizer or conditioner) usually in a sock or stocking hanging over a return flow or in your skimmer (assuming there are alternate flows such as floor drains so the skimmer doesn't get clogged) OR you can use stabilized chlorine for a while -- Dichlor which dissolves quickly or Trichlor which dissolves slowly. You can also buy a more expensive "liquid" CYA product.

You still increase Calcium Hardness (CH), if needed, using calcium chloride, but you don't have to buy it from the pool store and can use Dow Peladow or Dowflake instead if that's less expensive.

You can also use chlorinating liquid from your pool store if it's at a decent price relative to bleach. That's what I do and I also like the fact that the pool store reuses the bottles which is even better than recycling.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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BBB method for pools

Postby Allie! » Mon 04 Oct, 2010 16:00

Thank you for the BBB method..We are new pool people and are learning new things every day. We will try the BBB after we resolve some of the issues that are currently ongoing which are as follows:

1. We had a new Pentair heater installed this past June. We also have a Penatir DE Filter system that works great and is only a couple of years old. Our old heater was NOT energy efficient and the pilot would NOT stay on which is why we bought a brand new Pentair heater! Various service repair Technicians came out many times to resolve the many problems that the swimming pool company repeatedly caused..After resolving one issue, another issue would emerge!
2. The most recent problem is that after installing our Pentair heater, they forgot to write up a service report to install new Jandy valves. They installed one only back in June. We had to wait until 2 weeks ago, and they FINALLY installed the second Jandy valve.
3. It appears that after the repair Technicians leave, we observe another problem that they have CAUSED! (Analogy is like the Domino Effect! LOL!) The most recent problem now resulting from them installing the second Jandy valve is that our Pentair Filter is running at ZERO! Please NOTE: The Pentair DE filter needs to be running in order for our heater to heat the adjoining spa and the pool.
How should I approach this? We need pressure to do a "Back Wash" We cannot do a back wash because there is no pressure! Should we clean our filter? We have done many filter cleanings this past year, using DE and perhaps we are due for another DE cleaning of the filter? Will this increase the pressure?
What other problems contribute to a very low or ZERO pressure reading of the Filter?
Is there a chance that the Pool Technician did something wrong causing Zero pressure reading after he installed the second Jandy Valve?
Thank You!
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BBB method for pools

Postby pool Service » Wed 20 Jul, 2011 13:08

As a pool professional pool service company I have cut down on the chemical cost for my clients and have passed the savings on to them. I discuss the method with them and let them decide whether they want "traditional" (more expensive branded chemicals) or BBB system. The response has been great, I see this as a sign of both the economy and level headed people.
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Re: BBB method for pools

Postby azulverde » Tue 02 Jan, 2018 01:55

The BBB method means, ALL our pool’s chemical needs are taken care of by grocery store ingredients and not unnecessary, expensive pool store chemicals. Just a few weeks later, I had clearer water than we’ve ever had it.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: BBB method for pools

Postby Chunning22 » Tue 30 Oct, 2018 16:40

Guest wrote:Great! I'm so pleased you guys are finally catching up with the trend.
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:thumbup: I expect this will be a busy place soon with spring almost sprung and all. :thumbup:

You"re right

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