Full line of swimming pool chemicals manufacturer

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Steven Liu

Full line of swimming pool chemicals manufacturer

Postby Steven Liu » Wed 16 Oct, 2013 22:44

Hello, everyone!

My name is Steven Liu, I am the sales manager of Hebei Xingfei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. :D
We are the only factory and supplier who can supply you the full line pool chemicals with all kinds packing. The product such as: All kinds of algicides, clarifier, oil reducer, color remover etc.. Please check the our product list.

We are the biggest producer for SDIC with high quality and competitive price and abt 3--4 times bigger than other producers in China. The annual real output of Trichloroisocyanuric Acid is 10,000 tons, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate is 20,000 tons, Cyanuric Acid of 30,000 tons.

1) Manufacturer
Hebei Xingfei is 100% real producer and provider superior quality as well. Now, we are stable supplier for LONZA/ARCH in EU (for SDIC only) and Hidroall etc.. Welcome you to visit us at anytime you convenience.
2) Private packing
The packaging from 1000kg big bag to 0.5 kg private label packing under different logo can be supplied and designed by us.
3) R&D and full line pool chemicals
We are the ONLY FACTORY IN CHINA who can supply you the full line of pool chemicals..
We have put more energy and cost on technical innovation, so that we can supply more and more upgraded new products, which are same level as these world 1st class products.
We have 2 patent in China for super floculant in pool (same or even better usage and function as ARCH, Seaklear, Natural chemistry etc.)
4)New products(strong recommend!!)
We are developing and producing high quality new products such as:
A.Super BLUE CLEAR CLARIFIER (same or better result than GLB/ Nature Chemistry/ Seaklear etc)
It called POOLMAGIC by our clients as really wonderful clarifier function, best attractive is: no need underground robort/ vcaccum cleaner to clean the pool after usage,just action in the filter and easy clean.
B. Super ALGICIDE (very strong!)
Much less dosage and very favorable price as well as we study this line for many years.
Effectively remove phosphor from the pool water and so help algicide destroy and control algae, which depend on phosphor to grow.
D. Oil Floater
It destroys oil drops that suspended in water and compels them to float out, then these oil, drops can be removed easily by skimmers and enjoy the clear water.
This product improves the physical properties of foam material and clean the pool very easy.

5) We are team engineers and CPO certificate member
We are skilled in trouble shooting of swimming pools/Veterinary maintain in China for over 12 years.
We have a professional technough “real-battle” experience and actual usage technology. if you have any questions, please contact with us withouit hesitation.
We are also the CPO member of NSPF from US.
You may rest assured that you will get fully assistance from our side during the future co-op.

Steven Liu--sales manager
Hebei Xingfei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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