Blue Clear Clarifier

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Blue Clear Clarifier

Postby stevenliu » Thu 17 Oct, 2013 05:59

Hello, I am steven, the sales manager from Hebei xingfei Chem. China.
I would like to introduce our new products as below:
++Super BLUE CLEAR CLARIFIER (same or better result than GLB/ Nature Chemistry/ Seaklear etc)
It (BCC)called POOLMAGIC by our clients as really wonderful clarifier function, best attractive is: no need underground robort/ vcaccum cleaner to clean the pool after usage,just action in the filter and easy clean.
The detail comparison between BCC and aluminum sulfate.
  BCC PAC aluminum sulfate
Dosage 0.5 - 4 ppm 30 - 60 ppm 15 - 30 ppm
Residual Al 0 0.2 - 0.4 ppm ~0.3 - 0.6 ppm
TDS rise 0.05 - 0.4 ppm 2.2 - 4.3 ppm 7 - 15 ppm
Labor work for cleaning No Yes Yes

And only our BCC can reach the final 0.1 NTU, which is the best pool transparent condition compare with Alumninm sulfate etc..

And Use this product, it is not necessary to use robort cleaner to clean the pool ground after use PAC or aluminium sulfate.

Furthermore, as for blue clear clarifier, we do have much advantage compared with the same function product come from USA NATURAL CHEMISTRY AND SEAKLEAR AND GLB(ARCH or called LONZA or ADVANTIS). If you can try our product,you will notice the advantage we have:

1) environment friend, use sea deep water natural materials as active materials and very environment friend
For your information, Alzheimers and residual aluminum in water are related. By replacing traditional aluminium with Blue Clear Clarifier,the level of residual aluminum in water is brought under control or even zero, so the health risk is cut to a minimum.

2) strong function, in our calculation, our enzyme is very strong function(2500 cubermeter of water,keep clean for at least 5 days,only dosage is 1000ml ),thousand of times stronger than PAC or aluminium sulfate.
The typical dosage of traditional alumimium sulfate is 15 ppm ,but our Blue Clear Clarifier only 0.5 ppm--2 ppm .

3) very easy usage, just drop our enzyme in the pool water or in the storage tank and then recycle the pump and filter, 2 cycle finished you will see the result.
Notice: the product should shake even and drop into water afterward .

4) Additional benefit
Our clients in China field tests show our Blue Clear Clarifier catch phosphur compound which potential help algae to grow, and our product can also break oil emulsion which caused cloudy water.

Steven Liu--sales manager
Hebei Xingfei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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