Vinyl Flooring – Introduction, Kinds, Pros and Cons

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Vinyl Flooring – Introduction, Kinds, Pros and Cons

Postby stevelindsay » Thu 31 Jul, 2014 00:04

Vinyl Floor is a polymer which is made up of polyvinyl chloride. Vinyl flooring is preferred by most of the people because of the prevailing characteristics of the polymer. The reason for the popularity of vinyl is due to its flexibility of applications. The characteristics like durable, affordable, robust etc. of the material is best suited for flooring.

Types of LG Vinyl Flooring

LG vinyl flooring is classified on the basis of the thickness of the sheets and is basically of two types:
• Printed vinyl: It is usually thinner and consists of a printed sheet fixed on the top of the vinyl.
• Inlaid Vinyl: It is thicker than printed vinyl and is often chosen by builders because of the strength.
• Robust and Durable: It is considered as the most durable material which can be used for flooring of the interiors.
• Flexibility: It is flexible to the floors of different buildings i.e. both residential and commercial.
• Affordable: It is cheaper as compared to other flooring materials.
• Requires a lot of care and maintenance.
• Refinishing and polishing of vinyl flooring is quite difficult after its installation.
If you are planning to install designer floors in your house, then you can go for the printed LG vinyl flooring. The best way is to take the help of flooring professionals. They can suggest you to install the type of floor as per your interior décor. You can even hire these professional to achieve greater proficiency of the flooring work.

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