Pool Algae Problem Support - READ FIRST

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Pool Algae Problem Support - READ FIRST

Postby Shangord » Sat 05 Jul, 2014 21:10

Our pool is green. We have done shock, bleach,and baking soda. Nothing seems to help. Our pool is in ground, concrete, and goes from 2 feet to 8 feet. We don't have a heater. But we can't get it blue. We have already
Spent a lot of money and still have a green pool my hubby refuses to ask for help but we need help.. Anyone with suggestion? Thank you

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Re: Pool Algae Problem Support - READ FIRST

Postby Sonyah64 » Tue 31 Jul, 2018 20:47

silknsatin wrote:
Larry wrote:In order to help us provide you with more accurate and quicker help for your pool algae problems, we suggest that you include as much of the following information as possible in your support requests:
Grass seed got in my pool. How do I clear my pool up now? Its green and cloudy
  • Problem: The algae problem and when / how it started
  • FC: free chlorine level
  • TC: total chlorine level
  • pH:
  • TA: total alkalinity level
  • CH: calcium hardness level
  • CYA: cyanuric acid level (stabilizer / conditioner)
  • My pool: type, size, surface
  • Pool chemicals: the chemicals you use for pool maintenance (chlorine, bromine, ...)
  • My pump & filter:
  • Other info: water temp, bather load, abnormal weather or environmental factors

Depending on the problem, the type and size of pool, the pool surface, the pool pump and the filter details may be required. The more details you provide, the better your chances for a quick answer (and quick fix).

You can copy this template and paste it into your support request to make your pool algae problem reporting easier:

Code: Select all



[b]My pool[/b]:
[b]Pool chemicals[/b]:
[b]My pump & filter[/b]:
[b]Other info[/b]: 

And PLEASE use a descriptive title for your support request

transfers CDG

Thank you for all

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