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I'm new here
I'm new here
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No flow

Postby Danyl » Wed 19 Jul, 2017 20:53

Hi all,

Just bought a house with a new pool and I think I've got my head around the basics.

Recently, my Magna-Chlor RP 25 T starting beeping and the light indicating there was no water flow turned on.

As a new pool owner, I'm seeking what this might be caused by and steps to remedy it?

It is likely a blockage somewhere? Build up on the chlorinator? Am I best calling in an expert?

Appreciate any advice/tips.



I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: No flow

Postby EllenBaker » Tue 26 Sep, 2017 00:06

Hey, As a new pool owner, you should hire an expert of pool renovating. Numerous useful sites are accessible online, where one can get help. A few days ago my uncle was searching for some glass pool fencing renovating sites for installing glass pool fencing Sydney. Then he came To know about a number of useful sites, where they provide services of installation.
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Pool Enthusiast
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Re: No flow

Postby azulverde » Tue 03 Oct, 2017 01:03

If you think the problem is with your chlorine generator, the first step is to ensure you have sufficient salt in the pool water. Another problem could be the high level of calcium in the water. This can result in scaling on the electrode and slow down its capability to function properly. However, since this is a big investment, calling an expert is way better than guess works. Contact swimming pool experts to solve the issue.

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