pool stains

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pool stains

Postby RWPhoto1@aol.com » Fri 03 Jun, 2005 08:41

I have brown pool stains in the deep end of our vinyl pool. I have tried pool stain removers but it still persists. We have a heater on the pool. I have been told that the pipes might be the problem. I havenever checked for calcium. How do I check for calcium and does anyone have any stain removers that work on this problem?


pool stains

Postby rwtompkins@hotmail.com » Fri 10 Jun, 2005 17:14

Try the following web site for info. I had the same problems and the sock full of ph down did exactly as they said.


Postby ahab » Fri 24 Jun, 2005 14:28

get the test strips with calcium test pad on it, you can get at pool and spa retailers or even home depot, its in a red vial. if low use calcium chloride (calc up) to raise, the staining will go away with time, (6 weeks for mine to go away). calc up is rather expensive but once you got it up it should stay there. cost me $40 i think with 2 applications about a week apart.


Postby pemoye » Tue 06 Jun, 2006 12:26

Have you recently used an algaecide that contains copper or a copper derivative? If you have any heavy metals in your pool water (which could be possible since you have a heater) then algaecides with copper cause staining which may eventually bleach out of your liner or may not. There are tests for metals in your pool but you have to get them done at your pool center. Then there are chemicals that remove the metals from your pool water. You can also start using an algaecide with no copper, commonly referred to as quats or polyquats which are fancy detergents that destroy the cell walls of common algaes so the chlorine can kill it(works well with green algae but is not as effective with yellow or black algae). I hate to say it, but our last pool liner was stained for the last 2 years we had it (luckily it was fairly worn out) because we were not told about the potential for this kind of staining with copper algaecides.

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