Still make this pool sweep?

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Still make this pool sweep?

Postby dalehileman » Thu 09 Dec, 2010 14:14

Fourteen years ago the former property owner had left me a basic pool sweep that gave me 4 years of service before crapping out whereupon I replaced it with a Polaris 380, partly because it used the same booster. However the latter sweep was expensive and having many more moving parts proved somewhat unreliable but difficult to repair and because it's on its last legs I would like to replace it, possibly with its simpler predecessor

I'm not sure who made it or whether it meanwhile might have been discontinued. Like the 380 it had a swishing tail and was propelled by a rear jet but had no wheels nor leaf bag. Even so one advantage was unlike its replacement the rear jet was slowly rotated so as to ensure a more nearly random path

Its tail kept the bottom clean by reducing settlings to a size carried away by circulation, remarkably enough even sand and small rocks. Do you happen to know if it's still on the market and if so who makes it

Thanks all

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