Ssssttressed out over plaster

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Ssssttressed out over plaster

Postby ccemsa17 » Fri 16 Jun, 2006 22:33

I have a 3 week old inground gunited pool with grey plaster. During the filling process some hose marks, blemishes were left in the plaster finish. My contractor used some kind of acid to remove those marks and left a large stain several times larger than the original imperfections. He then added "a case" (I assume 4 gallons) of Muriatic acid to the pool and shut off my pool equipment for 3 days. My plaster seems very dark and uneven now, and I am concerned that it will not lighten back up. Tha plaster still feels smooth (fortunately), but I could use a little reassurance that this is a normal trade practice, or some proffessional advice that this is a bad thing. I am hopinhg this doesnt become a debate among the forum members, and I apologise if this situation has been addressed before.


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Swimming Pool Wizard
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Postby Pooltech32 » Fri 07 Jul, 2006 00:23

no I don't think this was good, you can't acid was 1 section and have it blend in, it will over time(years) blend in but it will stand out for a while.
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Postby Walter » Fri 07 Jul, 2006 08:20

I have to agree with Pooltech, this doesn't sound right. We do an acid wash after it is up and running for a few days but it has to be filled as soon as it is plastered so that there are no marks. I would be sure to get the warranty info from the contractor and plaster company, most require a certified mailing, this will come back to you in the future if this isn't done.

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