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I'm new here
I'm new here
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New Pool Quote

Postby pmsmith2032 » Fri 14 Jan, 2011 11:03

I am hoping someone can provide some comments/advice on the following quote I recently received:

Cameo 24' Pool 52" High (made by Wilbar-Sharkline) $2,700 (25 year warranty, steel panels and beams, 6 inch top beams with resin coating, stainless steel hardware)

Package includes the following:
25ml j-channel liner
150 sqft Hayward Cartridge Filter (would be an additional $150 to increase to larger size)
1 HP Single Speed Hayward Pump
Basic A-Frame Ladder
Baracuda Kontiki 2 Cleaner
8mm Blue Solar Cover
Basic Vacuum Package
Basic Chemical Kit
Free Installation (We would be responsible for sand, block and other material costs).

It would be an additional $300 to upgrade from the 24' to the 27'.
It would be an extra $200 for a stainless steel access panel.

Does these seem like a good price? Do the pool and list of equipment seem like quality products and good fits for each other? Any and all comments/suggestions are appreciated!

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