Polaris 280-380 revisited

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Polaris 280-380 revisited

Postby dalehileman » Fri 14 Jan, 2011 12:48

How can I get my 380 to spend more time at the deep end

When I complained some years ago that it wouldn't climb platforms or steps a Polaris rep suggested placing its rear jet in max-up position where indeed it engaged the steps more often but now almost never ventured into the deep. So I set it to max-down which helped a bit but of course the steps then returned to their previous state, requiring frequent brushing

Meantime I've tried virtually every other feasible position of the jet. To make sweep path more nearly random I considered building a sail of some sort, attaching to the tubing above the surface so making it respond to bursts of wind. However, the pool is oriented in such a way that the prevailing breeze would also favor the shallow end

The 380 is wearing out however and with the 280 presently on sale I wonder if any user of the latter device might have noted the phenom I so deplore and if so have you found a way to address it

Thanks all

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