Techni-Clean Systems - in-floor pop-ups - simple, good?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Techni-Clean Systems - in-floor pop-ups - simple, good?

Postby RawhideKid » Sun 16 Jan, 2011 18:20

Went to a home and garden show today and went to the booth of a smaller company we are considering for our pool build. They had sample of some of their wares, including a bucket of various horrid pop-up's with springs and such. They pitch a kind of pop up I've never seen before. Very basic 3 piece thing. Got a basic one page brochure on them.

They are manufactured by Techni-clean (Commander) Systems out of Mesa, AZ. They note two US patents: 4,535,937 and 4,792.095.

I did my typical web search and found very little on this company or product. Company name came up and address in Mesa, but no company website. Very strange. Perhaps I'll take a photo of the brochure and post it here soon. Meanwhile, anyone hear of this kind of a popup? While at the booth, a gentleman came up and said he had the same pop-up and was quite happy with them. He didn't buy from this builder so other builders must be using these pop-up's - perhaps only in the phx area?

They are made of 3 basic pieces and two screws. They remind me of the Paramount pv3 but even simpler.

thx for any thoughts.


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