Suggestions on new automatic pool cleaner

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Mikey C

Suggestions on new automatic pool cleaner

Postby Mikey C » Wed 26 Jan, 2011 11:58

I have been using barracuda G3. Mixed results, unit now broken. I live in Houston moderate leaves have only the one pump. Any suggestions on new unit??

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Suggestions on new automatic pool cleaner

Postby woods780 » Wed 26 Jan, 2011 14:43

I've been shopping for one as well. Looking to purchase in the Spring. I went to Leslie's last week and looked at a four different ones in a similar price range. Here are my thoughts so far...

1) My neighbor got a Polaris ATV with their pool that was installed at the end of the summer and it works pretty good but I worry about durability given some of the comments I've read about their other models. There also seems to be a lot of parts to wear out.

2) The manager at the store had fairly good things to say about the Hayward XL and it has fewer parts. He did say it moves slow but I'm not sure if that is a really a disadvantage.

3) I asked about the Barracuda G3 and was told it wasn't recommended because if the filter is not really clean it may not move at all. I personally don't know anyone who has used this style of cleaner.

4) I am very interested in the Dolphin Deluxe 3. It is a robotic cleaner. The price is significantly higher than the others but I was told they are planning on doing a major price drop to not far from the others as a promotion early this Spring. Apparently the Deluxe 3 is only sold at Leslie's. It appears it is sold other places as well under a different name.

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