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Complete Beginner needs help - pics included

Postby Bas » Wed 26 Jan, 2011 17:47


I'm a first time pool owner from Europe after moving houses. The pool is pretty small (3x3 meters or 10x10 feet) and very very very dirty. See picture: ... 6at194.png

There's a layer of leaves and other stuff on the bottom of the pool that's about 10cm (3 inches) think. The water is almost black in color.

As I'm a total novice, I'm planning to take this step by step. The first step for me would be to clean the pool.

I think that for that I'd probably have to empty it first. Can any of you confirm that?

If that's the case, how do I empty it. Here's a picture of the equipment that's available. I'm not sure if I need to rent a pump, or if there's a built in drainage system. Can anyone tell based on the equipment? ... 6at194.png

I understand the blue thing is the sand/water filter, and the knob you turn around is to filter, backwash etc.
I understand that the red knobs are to open and close the pipes, but I got no clue as to which pipe goes where, and why I would want to open or close it.
And....tadaaa.... I understand that the black thing in the back is some kind of pump.

Now, my first question is: How do I empty the pool, and once it's empty what do I then use to scrub the walls, stairs etc?

Once I've passed that stage I'm sure there will be more questions. I'm really keen on making a project of this and learning how to do it myself, and would appreciate all the help I can get from the experience on the forum.

I include some more detailed pictures of the equipment: ... 6at200.png

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