Swimming pool leak please help?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Swimming pool leak please help?

Postby sohal231 » Tue 01 Feb, 2011 05:53

water level was by the skimmer for 6 month and the pool was not running after hiring a guy to get the pool running he started working on it and stop showing up now. i start to notice the pool water level is going down and i i lose about 1/2 an inch per day and i have to add water daily. i stop adding water level went to about 3 inch below the skimmer then it stoped , so i am think maybe its the skimmer , but looing inside the skimmer its holding the water just fine , if the skimmer have a leack,should not the skimmer be completely out of water specially that the pool has not been running for 2 weeks now .. any idea or help will be appreciated thanks

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Swimming pool leak please help?

Postby ChuckGeo » Sun 06 Feb, 2011 10:38

The first thing I would do is fill the pool then measure the water loss, in inches, over two 24 hour periods, one day with the pump on and one day with the pump off. If you have an attached spa you should take loss measurements of it as well. If the loss is the same whether the pump is on or off you should suspect something other than the plumbing. If the loss is more when on, suspect the return line. If the loss is less when on, suspect a suction line - skimmer or main drain.
Is it a liner or gunite pool? Does it have a light? Automatic cleaner? How old is it?
Take some measurements and let me know the results.
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