Pump will not work

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: concrete pool, surface pebblecrete,5m x4 m rectangular pool,waterco T600 sandfilter, onga 0.75 hp pump
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Pump will not work

Postby joji » Fri 04 Feb, 2011 16:09

I am a novice
poo was neglected for a year (son was amintaining it cannot keep it up)
2 months ago, i resurface it with the help of a pool professional (his job is only resurfacing)
i filled the pool; I then went and backwash my filter; (pressure goes up a bit 1-2 psi)
I then filter my pool; the pressure was 0; then my son told that the intake pipe had ballooned (probably due to overheating from the pump); had it replaced and had the pump replaced. I thought my problem was solved; but no it isnt. The pressure is still 0 when I filter. please help

I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: I have a 20 x 36 in the ground pool
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Pump will not work

Postby larbec » Wed 31 Aug, 2011 18:50

It sounds like it has lost its prime. Is it above or in the ground pool?

Your swimming pool pump must be "primed" in order to operate properly. When your pool pump is on but the pool water is not moving, the pump has "lost its prime". This means that air has entered the pump. Be sure to determine why the pool pump has air in it, instead of water, before you prime the pump again. Follow these steps carefully, to ensure you have covered every contingency. The safety of swimmers using your pool depends on the pump working in optimum condition.
Step 1- Figure Out How the Air Got In

Air is often present in the pump the first time you start it up in early summer, especially if you "winterized" your pool by disassembling the pump. Be sure you have reinserted and resealed all the parts you took out of the pool pump. Check that the water level in the pool is as high as possible and that it is flowing into the skimmer inlets. Inspect and clear any clogs and debris in the skimmer and the primary drain. Remove decaying leaves and hair from the pump strainer basket and the impeller. After these possibilities have been eliminated, try to prime the pump manually.

Step 2- Prepare to Prime the Pump

Shut off all the pool support equipment, including the pump, filter unit and pool heater. Open the valve marked "Air Relief" at the top of the pool pump. Close all the skimmer inlets, and then open the primary drain valve completely. Check that the pump basket is full of water. If not, add as much as necessary by garden hose or bucket. Examine the pool pump lid and its O-ring seal, in the underside of the lid, for wear, cracking or other damage. Replace the O-ring if it shows any of these problems. Do not lubricate the O-ring or any other gaskets or seals. This will cause particles to stick to them, preventing an effective seal. Secure the pump lid again, fastening the screws to "hand tightness". Avoid over-tightening, as this strains the flexible seals. Set the valve on top of the pool filter to "filter" position.

Step 3- Prime the Pump

Activate the pump. Run it for 2 to 3 minutes, but no more than 5 minutes. If the pool water flow does not begin after 5 minutes, shut the pump off and try again. Pool pumps tend to be water-cooled, so running yours "hot" could damage the pool pump seal, impeller and motor. When the pool pump is circulating water effectively again, open the skimmer inlets one at a time, checking that the pump does not lose suction again. Once all the skimmer inlets are open, close the pump's "Air Relief" valve, and restart the swimming pool filter unit.

Hope this helps
fix it

Pump will not work

Postby fix it » Mon 05 Sep, 2011 09:21

If your pipes have ballooned you have the return lines closed off. Go look at your jandy/ortega valves and or valves to possible slide/water fall. No matter what pipes will not just swell up but from major pressure going no where!

Pump will not work

Postby fi » Mon 05 Sep, 2011 09:26

when the filter shows 0 on the filter gauge you have a clog, possible impeller, skimmer line to pump, debris in pump basket.
When pressure is high on filter gauge it needs to be cleaned/backed washed depending on filter type.

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