Needing help

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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Needing help

Postby korinne » Tue 08 Feb, 2011 01:16

Hi, we are having a lot of trouble with our pool, my husband has had lots of pools but has never had this much trouble before, normally all our pools have been crystal clear. Our pool has been getting a greenish film on the walls and floor of the pool. My husband has tried Chlorine shocking and Starver along with daily vacuuming, it clears up for a couple of days then it comes back, he is very diligent with taking the chemical readings we even get a pool shop to test it as well to be told that "every thing is perfect " We even have a whole new pool pump (under 12mths old) The people at the pool shop just look at us blankly and scratch their heads, it's costing us an absolute fortune in pool chemicals with no results. My husband is beside himself, can someone please help ?

our pool is an in-ground concrete with a pebble crete finish,and is a Chlorine pool, the readings are as follows
Total Alkalinity 140
Ph 7.2
Chlorine is 4-6 ppm

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Needing help

Postby swimfit » Tue 05 Apr, 2011 03:13

Why don't you consult with another pool expert? I really don't think this is something that cannot be sorted, but merely making an assumption of the possible cause with limited info on this forum might not help you either. A personal visit and examination is well needed. Just switch to another consultant and seek advise before you throw anymore money.

Needing help

Postby TC3 » Wed 06 Apr, 2011 00:39

What are your Calcium and cyanuric acid levels?

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