Removing a Swimming Pool

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Removing a Swimming Pool

Postby lisaa » Thu 24 Feb, 2011 05:19

I found this information on how to "abandon" a pool from the San Mateo, CA website. For some interesting information on breaking up and getting rid of an inground swimming pool, check out this link:
Lots of pictures of the project and answers to common questions.

Here's another link..
. hxxp:// www.

This site talks about 3 ways to remove a swimming pool and gives you a cost breakdown so you can estimate how much it'll cost to remove your pool

Another good blog for general information regarding swimming pool removal is
in addition to cost of removal and technique they give some helpful information relating to the impact of a swimming pool on home value

Diamond DAVE

Removing a Swimming Pool

Postby Diamond DAVE » Mon 28 Feb, 2011 04:37

OH THAT'S positive about pools then !!!! :D

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