Diamond Brite

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Diamond Brite

Postby Sandy » Thu 24 Feb, 2011 15:29

What can be done to repair splotchy Diamond Brite which is very patchy after 6-7 years?


Diamond Brite

Postby POOL PLASTER PROS » Thu 03 Mar, 2011 18:08

Acid wash with pool drained
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Diamond Brite

Postby czechmate » Mon 07 Mar, 2011 11:25

Acid wash of a drained pool is always the last remedy you should consider. With the exception of a prep for a BondKote in the new plaster application I see it as last scenario that even if needed and recommended by an expert, should be done by experienced crew. Permanent damage occurs to the plaster if mix is too strong, applied unevenly and not being diluted at the bottom drain area followed by fast removal. There is a safer not as harsh procedure used for a new DiamondBrite plaster, which is a wet acid wash with the pool filled. It is done with a recommended high acid solution of 6-9 gal of Muriatic acid in a filled pool. It is not recommended to run a pump with that acid level. I have done it with pump running on my new DiamondBrite plaster and pump is still fine after almost 2 years.( I would not do it if i had a copper heater coils in the circuit).I ran it for 5 days ( up to 7-8 days was recommended to me)to wash of the plaster milk and expose the quartz. That was of course a fresh unhardened plaster with fairly nice surface.
I would strongly recommend to get several builders to look at it before taking this route.

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