Solar Pool heater - is it even working?

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Solar Pool heater - is it even working?

Postby webguy » Wed 16 Mar, 2011 10:57

I am trying to figure out my solar panels and whether they are heating my pool. First a little background - purchased a home with a saltwater pool and solar panels heating it. It was great when we moved in - real hot right around this time of year. The actuator that lets water through to the roof (panels) rusted shut and I replaced it. It seemed that there was more than one way to put the handle on. I tried two ways over the past month and can't seem to get any heat.

I took some pictures and a video which are below.

What is going wrong? I can hear water moving around in the pipes that go to the roof. I do not feel a temp difference in the water that comes out. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to explain my situation. Thanks for any help.


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Solar Pool heater - is it even working?

Postby mas985 » Wed 16 Mar, 2011 18:03

The typical temperature rise from a solar panel is about 3-4 degrees from input to output so it may not be easy to tell the difference. Your setup looks like it should work and the brown valve you pointed at is a check valve and prevents water from flowing backwards through the filter when the pump is shut off.

What is the filter pressure with solar off vs solar on?
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Solar Pool heater - is it even working?

Postby pintohenry » Tue 28 Feb, 2012 05:28

Hello, I had installed solar pool heater for swimming pool and it is really working very well.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Solar Pool heater - is it even working?

Postby IndoorPoolGuy » Sat 10 Mar, 2012 20:33

Hi Pintohenry! Have you checked this guide to swimming pool heaters at
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Solar Pool heater - is it even working?

Postby andrrewdamien » Fri 15 Jun, 2012 12:54

Warming your outside share with a solar pool heater is a simple way to lower your energy expenses and keep your share warm enough to move all at the same time.
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