Dissolving granular chlorine. Is it OK?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Dissolving granular chlorine. Is it OK?

Postby etalmage » Fri 03 Jun, 2005 11:38

I am operating an Olympic sized swimming pool at a recreation facility. The pool is not open currently due to pump problems. 2 out of 3 of our sand filters have burned out pumps. We have been adding granular chlorine by tossing it into the swimming pool in small batches. We have been going through 300-400 lbs a week of chlorine. Currently our readings for chlorine are around 4 in the shallow end and 1 in the deep end. I believe this may be due to poor circulation. To attempt to fix this I am going to start dissolving the granules ahead of time and pouring a slurry into the pool. Is there any reason I should not do this? Is there a difference between adding solid or pre-dissolved chlorine granules?

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Dissolving granular chlorine. Is it OK?

Postby Gov » Fri 03 Jun, 2005 16:08

I use the granular chlorine in my pool and I was told to dissolve it in a bucket of pool water to prevent staining the pool liner.
So yes it is ok to do.
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Chlorinating pool water

Postby Larry » Mon 30 Jan, 2006 08:00

Dissolving granular chlorine allows it to disperse and act far more rapidly. I think this is the ideal way to chlorinate.

The down side is the toxic chlorine fumes/ gas that is released when stirring. Remember that chlorine gas was used on the battlefield and was called "mustard gas". The fumes can thin out the mucous linings in your nose, mouth, throat and lungs, so extra care should be taken when dissolving the granules.

Also splashout from the container, and it inevitably happens, instantly ruins any clothing it lands on. The fibers weaken and the color gets completely bleached out. After all chlorine is the active ingredient in bleach.

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