Algae, u can spread yr seeds & multiply, but not in my p

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Algae, u can spread yr seeds & multiply, but not in my p

Postby mtnviewvj » Sat 17 Jun, 2006 19:28

Algae came, I gave it copper based anti-algae called chemicals & shocking amount of chlorine compounds. It went away. 2 weeks went by & it game back again- laying a thick carpet at the bottom of the pool. When I went into the pool, I slipped on this bed of algae.

So, I bought 2 8lb bottles of Clorox from the grocery store for $1.50 ea & put it in the pool over a week. It still didn't get rid of this thick carpet of algae. So, I went into the store with a long face & xplained it to the young store clerk. He said, no- don't do that. Buy this $16 anti-algae compound called algae control. Too much acid will ruin yr pool eqpt. He said, just dump half of it in the pool - & voila the frivolous reproductive algae will exit & disappear frm the pool.

I applied it & am waiting for the results!! (sorry to ruin yr summer celebration, algae)

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