Budgeting for sand question--already late with this, sigh

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 18 foot AG, new at this, lots of questions, not a lot of disposable $$--one of our sons has autism and he LOVES water, almost as much as Mommy! terrified!
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Budgeting for sand question--already late with this, sigh

Postby leslieinbham » Fri 01 Apr, 2011 10:55

We have a lovely 18 x 52 AG pool pkg in our carport, just waiting...Have been advised to use sand as base and coving, but it will be very, very hard to get it near pool site, even by wheelbarrow (remove fence/all uphill is one access, 4 step up/2 step down breezeway is other access), so am trying to minimize amount of sad necessary w/o compromising stability, etc. Had area prepped, thinking we'll tarp, then sand, then use closed cell insulation (from hardware, on advice on pool store, e.g. "go to hardware and get this), then more sand. Been over it a thousand times. if 2.6 tons is general amount for this size AG pool, what is the decent minimum, considering the circumstances. Oh, also, once we begin to base the pool, we'll need to complete the job--three small boys, one with autism--BIG SANDBOX HURRAH! My stomach hurts. Please? Thanks. Leslieinbham

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