CL. Br Level shows orange Ph at 7.4

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: pool in set in ground but raised above ground by 400 mill.
4 metres wide x 7.5 metres long x 1 metre deep at shallow end and 2 metres deep at deep end,
pump and sand filled unit. 2 jets and 1 trap also 1 hoover plug at the side.
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CL. Br Level shows orange Ph at 7.4

Postby wiseoneday » Tue 05 Apr, 2011 09:25

Hi All Your Help Would Be Much Appreciated,

we are in spain its just warming up nicely here and we wanna jump in the pool, we have been at this house since february 1st on arrival the pool was glistening, the previous owners said they had just had it done and we would not need to do anything for months,

so we do nothing apart from read about it and learn that we cant just do nothing.

so i buy ph phenol red and cl oto testing kit i test and the ph showed red which i have now sorted by using ph minus to achieve the goal of 7.4 but the cl. br is deep orange, the pool looks cleans smells clean and even glistens on a good day but im not confident in using it for our children especially while this chlorine level is showing deep orange. the pump is on at least 3 hours in a morning and 3 hours at night although whilst i have been sorting the ph level and adding 3 pound of chlorine to it ive left it on consistently for the last 3 days. i adding 3 lb of chroline because i thought it may need shocking the clorine used was cloro en grano disolucion on rapid cristals which i weighed out mixed then in a bucket and pored into the pool using more at the deep end and leaving the pump on in fiteration mode with jets on. i also used the tablet form of tester which instead of orange showed deep red, i still finding my feet here and cant seem to find any other testing equipment so ebay is a must but i have to wait i have 200 gr of copper sulphate which i have not used yet alltho the pack did contain 400 so maybe its been used by the previous owners.i also have floculante tablets which i put in the float.
the pool in 7.5 metres in length x 4 metres wide x 2 metres deep at the deep end X 1 metre at the shallow
any help/advice/guidance will be much appreciated
kind regards
neylad (wiseoneday)

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Swimming Pool Wizard
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CL. Br Level shows orange Ph at 7.4

Postby cpo2go » Tue 02 Aug, 2011 17:08

I see that your post is already old and I'm sure you've got things straightened out but, for the sake of other people experiencing the same, or similar, problems; please include the equivalent reading for the chlorine. There are many different test kits and just reporting the color isn't nearly enough information. The color is associated with a number and the number is what is needed. :)
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