Pool Pilot pwr supply failed in less than 3 yrs- What now?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Pilot pwr supply failed in less than 3 yrs- What now?

Postby dabaxter » Wed 06 Apr, 2011 16:40

I have an AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Salt Generator with an SC-60 cell. I am extremely disappointed to have a failed power supply shortly after it's out of warranty. Searching on the internet for the "low amps warning" suggests this is likely common. To me, it makes no sense to replace just the power supply board and not the fans. Therefore, I've been looking at buying a new DIG-220 electronics/power supply package, which is about $580. After looking around, I realized I could buy a CompuPool system that would cover my approx 30-32K gallon pool for $724. After looking and seeing a replacement cell is over $500 for my Pool Pilot, this total system replacement is starting to look like it makes sense.
Am I right about this power supply problem being common?
Have you folks seen better reliability with the CompuPool brand?


Pool Pilot pwr supply failed in less than 3 yrs- What now?

Postby df » Fri 08 Jul, 2011 07:48

PP Digital, SC36.
13000gl pool installed in Dec. 04. The following failures have occured.
1st yr- Controller door broke off- repair kit fixed-hinge
2nd yr- Salt cell cord and salt cell replaced- terminal on salt cell meltdown
3rd yr- Digital Control fan replaced- stopped working
4th yr- Digital Cover near complete disintegration-cover very brittle, buttons and readout window cracked,
and/or chipped.
4th yr- Manifold and salt cell replaced-salt cell failed
Since 4th yr- Digital read out works intermittently
6th yr--Digital Control Quit. Mar. 2011- Undecided weather to replace controller $$$$$, or install
chlorine tab.
Overall- Not happy with this system-HIGH MAINTENANCE- does not perform as well as advertised or claimed. I understand 1st couple of yrs it took time to balance out water due to "new pool" leaching. Have always had issues - algae, clarity, salt cell clogging etc. To this day I use aqua chem shock blue to maintain.
Still get my water tested @ least once a month. The expense of having "salt water" has not been worth it.
Pool store retailers express negitive feedback. :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

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